European Lisp Symposium

- 2012, Zadar
The conference is over!


  • Automated User-Centered Reasoning and Acquisition System

    • photo Ernst van Waning Ernst van Waning Infometrics (SPEAKER) Netherlands

  • Embeddable Common Lisp

    • photo Juan Garcia-Ripoll Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll Instituto de Fisica Fundemantal CSIC (SPEAKER) Spain


photo University of Zadar (CONFERENCE) Ul. Mihovila Pavlinovića 23000 Zadar Croatia



Programme Chair

  • photo Marco Antoniotti Marco Antoniotti Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca (PROGRAMME-CHAIR) Milan Italy

Organizing Chair


  • photo Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes Goldsmiths University of London (COMMITTEE) London United Kingdom
  • photo Didier Verna Didier Verna EPITA / LRE (ORGANIZING-CHAIR COMMITTEE SPEAKER) France
  • photo Giuseppe Attardi Giuseppe Attardi Università degli Studi di Pisa (COMMITTEE) Pisa Italy
  • photo Kent Pitman Kent Pitman (COMMITTEE) USA
  • photo Marc Feeley Marc Feeley Université de Montreal (COMMITTEE) Montreal Canada
  • photo Pascal Costanza Pascal Costanza Intel (COMMITTEE SPEAKER) Bruxelles Belgium
  • photo Robert Strandh Robert Strandh Université de Bordeaux (COMMITTEE) Bordeaux France
  • photo Scott McKay Scott McKay Google (COMMITTEE) USA
  • photo Taiichi Yuasa Taiichi Yuasa Kyoto University (COMMITTEE) Japan

Local Organizers

  • photo Damir Kero Damir Kero University of Zadar (LOCAL-ORGANIZER) Croatia
  • photo Damir Ćavar Damir Ćavar Eastern Michigan University (LOCAL-ORGANIZER) USA
  • photo Franjo Pehar Franjo Pehar University of Zadar (LOCAL-ORGANIZER) Croatia


Times are local to the conference. You can download the programme in iCalendar format here.
  1. April 29th

  2. Welcome Drink

  3. April 30th

  4. Registration

  5. Welcome Message

  6. Embeddable Common Lisp

    • Juan Garcia-Ripoll
  7. Coffee

  8. Generic Image Processing with Climb

    • Laurent Senta
    • Christopher Chedeau
    • Didier Verna
  9. An iterative method to solve overdetermined systems of nonlinear equations applied to the restitution of planimetric measurements

    • Giovanni Anzani
  10. Lunch

  11. Java interop with ABCL, a practical example

    • Alessio Stalla
  12. Embedded probabilistic programming in Clojure

    • Nils Bertschinger
  13. A little history of metaprogramming and reflection

    • Pascal Costanza
  14. Using Clojure in Linguistic Computing

    • Zoltan Varju
    • Richard Littauer
    • Peteris Ernis
  15. Conference Dinner

  16. April 31st

  17. Automated User-Centered Reasoning and Acquisition System

    • Ernst van Waning
  18. Coffee

  19. Scheme in Industrial Automation

    • Marco Benelli
  20. Algorithm Engineering with Clojure

    • Gunnar Völkel
    • Johann Kraus
    • Hans Kestler
  21. Lunch

  22. Object enumeration

    • Irène Durand
  23. Doplus, the high-level, lispy extensible iteration construct

    • Alessio Stalla
  24. QueryFS, a virtual filesystem based on queries and relaxed tools

    • Mikhail Raskin
  25. Conference End

  26. Conference Dinner


You can find the proceedings in PDF form here:


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