European Lisp Symposium

- , Genova
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The conference was co-located with Programming 2019


  • Keynote: 20 More Years of Bootstrapping

    • Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes England (SPEAKER)

    Although its history is longer than this, the Steel Bank Common Lisp system was announced to the world in 1999, with its distinguishing characteristic of being written in vanilla ANSI Common Lisp explicitly described in the announcement. We provide a retrospective on 20 years of development, discuss some of the features SBCL provides and the rationale behind them, and offer entirely speculative thoughts about the next 20 years of the project.

  • Keynote: The Lisp of the Prophet for the One True Editor

    • Stefan Monnier Stefan Monnier Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada (SPEAKER)

    While the editor war is long gone and Emacs's marketshare has undoubtedly shrunk, it has established itself as an important branch in the Lisp family of languages. In this talk, I will look at what gave Emacs Lisp its shape, including what it took from its siblings and ancestors and what makes it different.

  • Rebooting Racket

    • Matthew Flatt Matthew Flatt University of Utah, USA (SPEAKER)

    Racket started in 1995 as a fusion of two off-the-shelf C/C++ libraries. From there, things got out of hand. We ended up building and maintaining a large programming language — with ambitions that span from language design to performance, from research to production — on an especially inelegant core implementation. After 2+ years of concerted effort, we have re-built Racket’s core in a more maintainable form. It’s a story as old as programming, and this particular instance looks like it will have a happy ending.


photo Hotel Bristol Palace (CONFERENCE)
Via XX Settembre, 35
Genova 16121 Italy


Programme Chair

  • Nicolas Neuss Nicolas Neuss FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany (PROGRAMME-CHAIR)


  • Alberto Riva Alberto Riva University of Florida, USA (COMMITTEE)
  • Alessio Stalla Alessio Stalla ManyDesigns Srl, Italy (COMMITTEE)
  • Breanndán Ó Nualláin Breanndán Ó Nualláin University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (COMMITTEE)
  • Charlotte Herzeel Charlotte Herzeel IMEC, ExaScience Life Lab, Leuven, Belgium (COMMITTEE)
  • François-René Rideau François-René Rideau (COMMITTEE)
  • Leonie Dreschler-Fischer Leonie Dreschler-Fischer University of Hamburg, Germany (COMMITTEE)
  • Marc Battyani Marc Battyani Fractal Concept, France (COMMITTEE)
  • Marco Antoniotti Marco Antoniotti Universita Milano Bicocca, Italy (COMMITTEE)
  • Marco Heisig Marco Heisig FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany (COMMITTEE)
  • Pascal Costanza Pascal Costanza IMEC, ExaScience Life Lab, Leuven, Belgium (COMMITTEE)
  • Patrick Krusenotto Patrick Krusenotto Deutsche Welle, Germany (COMMITTEE)
  • Philipp Marek Philipp Marek Austria (COMMITTEE)
  • Pierre R. Mai Pierre R. Mai PMSF IT Consulting, Germany (COMMITTEE)
  • R. Matthew Emerson R. Matthew Emerson toughtstuff LLC, USA (COMMITTEE)
  • Sacha Chua Sacha Chua Living an Awesome Life, Canada (COMMITTEE)


Times are local to the conference. You can download the programme in iCalendar format here.
  1. April 1st

  2. Registration

  3. Welcome message

  4. Keynote: The Lisp of the Prophet for the One True Editor

    • Stefan Monnier
  5. Coffee Break

  6. Pattern-Based S-Expression Rewriting in Emacs

    • Ryan Culpepper
  7. Implementing Baker’s SUBTYPEP Decision Procedure

    • Léo Valais
    • Jim Newton
    • Didier Verna

    • Irène Anne Durand
    • Robert Strandh
  9. Lunch

  10. Finite Automata Theory Based Optimization

    • Jim Newton
    • Didier Verna
  11. Lazy, Parallel Multiple Value Reductions in Common Lisp

    • Marco Heisig
  12. Coffee Break

  13. Working with First-Order Proofs and Provers

    • Mikhail Raskin
    • Christoph Welzel
  14. Plagiarism Detection for Common Lisp

    • António Leitão
  15. Lightning Talks

  16. Social Event

  17. April 2nd

  18. Registration

  19. Keynote: 20 More Years of Bootstrapping

    • Christophe Rhodes
  20. Bootstrapping Common Lisp Using Common Lisp

    • Irène Anne Durand
    • Robert Strandh
  21. Coffee Break

  22. Shader Pipeline and Effect Encapsulation using CLOS

    • Nicolas Hafner
  23. Hierarchical Task Network Planning in Common Lisp

    • Robert P. Goldman
    • Ugur Kuter
  24. Lunch

  25. Rebooting Racket

    • Matthew Flatt
  26. Coffee Break

  27. Symbols as Namespaces in Common Lisp

    • Alessio Stalla
  28. Parallelizing Quickref

    • Didier Verna
  29. Lightning Talks


You can find the proceedings in PDF form here:


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