European Lisp Symposium

- 2018, Marbella
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  • Event Detection in Unstructured Text (using Common Lisp)

    • photo Jason Cornez Jason Cornez (SPEAKER)

    At RavenPack, we use Common Lisp to extract meaning from unstructured English text. The focus is low-latency processing of real-time news feeds and blogs, to provide actionable intelligence to our clients in the financial industry. This talk discusses our technology for detecting events. We look at what we've done so far, what we are working on now, and some future possibilities.

  • Keynote: Lisp in a Startup: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    • photo Vsevolod Domkin Vsevolod Domkin (SPEAKER) Ukraine

    Over the last 10 years of my software development career, I have mostly programmed in Common Lisp, in two distinct environments: open-source and startup (aka consumer Internet companies). Among the startup projects, in which I managed to introduce Lisp, the most successful is Grammarly where the system we had built continues to playa major role — more than two years after my departure from the company — at the core of its intelligent product used by 10 million people daily. In this talk, I'd like to share the success stories of developing a number of internet services in Lisp and the merits of the Lisp enviornment that enabled those, as well as the flip sides of the same stories that manifest the problems of the Lisp ecosystem — and propose possible solutions to them. We'll discuss where Lisp fits best and worst among the different professional environments and why.

  • Keynote: This Old Lisp

    • photo R. Matthew Emerson R. Matthew Emerson (SPEAKER) USA

    Lisp was invented 60 years ago. Coral Common Lisp, the ancestor of today's Clozure Common Lisp, was released over 30 years ago. Over this time, processor architectures and operating systems have come and gone, but Clozure CL (under various names and forms) has survived and is still with us today. Clozure CL, Common Lisp, and Lisp itself are the product of many intelligent and clever people. Indeed, we find ourselves saying, with Newton, "If I have seen a little farther than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." I will say a few words, looking down from the giant's shoulders, on the subject of Clozure CL, that old Lisp, including where it stands today, and how it might evolve in the future.


photo Centro Cultural Cortijo de Miraflores (CONFERENCE) Calle San Pedro Alcantara, 10 29601 Marbella Spain


Sunday Excursion

A guided visit to the Andalusian town of Ronda, famous for its spectacular views, traditional architecture and bull-ring turned museum. An ideal introduction to the old and new Spain. More details soon!


Programme Chair

  • photo David Cooper David Cooper Genworks (PROGRAMME-CHAIR)

Organizing Chair

Local Chair

  • photo Andrew Lawson Andrew Lawson Ravenpack (LOCAL-CHAIR)


  • photo Andy Wingo Andy Wingo Igalia (COMMITTEE) Spain
  • photo Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes Goldsmiths University (COMMITTEE SPEAKER) UK
  • photo Christopher Wellons Christopher Wellons Null Program (COMMITTEE) USA
  • photo Ernst van Waning Ernst van Waning (COMMITTEE) Netherlands
  • photo Irène Durand Irène Durand LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux (COMMITTEE SPEAKER) France
  • photo Julian Padget Julian Padget University of Bath (COMMITTEE) UK
  • photo Ludovic Courtès Ludovic Courtès Inria (COMMITTEE) France
  • photo Michael Sperber Michael Sperber DeinProgramm (COMMITTEE) Germany
  • photo Nicolas Neuss Nicolas Neuss FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (COMMITTEE SPEAKER) Germany
  • photo Olin Shivers Olin Shivers Northeastern University (COMMITTEE) USA
  • photo Philipp Marek Philipp Marek (COMMITTEE) Austria
  • photo Robert Strandh Robert Strandh Université de Bordeaux (COMMITTEE SPEAKER) France
  • photo Sacha Chua Sacha Chua Living an Awesome Life (COMMITTEE) Canada
  • photo Scott McKay Scott McKay Future Fuel (COMMITTEE) USA


Times are local to the conference. You can download the programme in iCalendar format here.
  1. April 16th

  2. Breakfast on Patio (Coffee, biscuits, bread, fruit)

  3. Welcome Message

  4. Keynote: This Old Lisp

    • R. Matthew Emerson
  5. Petalisp: A Common Lisp Library for Data Parallel Programming

    • Marco Heisig
  6. Dynamic Optimizations for SBCL Garbage Collection

    • Ethan Schwartz
  7. Patio Break

  8. Incremental Parsing of Common Lisp Code

    • Irène Durand
    • Robert Strandh
  9. Strategies for Typecase Optimization

    • Jim Newton
    • Didier Verna
  10. Method Combinators

    • Didier Verna
  11. Lunch

  12. The Computational Structure of the Clifford Groups, Simulating Quantum Processor Errors, and Overview of Quantum Computing Development with Common Lisp

    • Robert Smith
    • Nikolas Tezak
  13. Clasp Common Lisp Implementation and Optimization

    • Alex Wood
    • Christian Schafmeister
  14. Patio Break

  15. Lightning Talks

  16. Association of Lisp Users Overview & Search for New President

  17. Travel & Prepare for Dinner

  18. Conference Dinner

  19. April 17th

  20. Breakfast on Patio (Coffee, biscuits, bread, fruit)

  21. Welcome Message

  22. Keynote: Lisp in a Startup: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    • Vsevolod Domkin
  23. pLisp: a Friendly Lisp IDE for Beginners

    • Rajesh Jayaprakash
  24. Using Lisp-based Pseudocode to Probe Student Understanding

    • Christophe Rhodes
  25. Patio Break

  26. Interactive Flow Simulation with Common Lisp

    • Nicolas Neuss
  27. Object-oriented Shader Compositon using CLOS

    • Yukari Hafner
  28. Context-oriented Algorithmic Design

    • Bruno Ferreira
    • António Menezes Leitão
  29. Event Detection in Unstructured Text (using Common Lisp)

    • Jason Cornez
  30. Lunch

  31. Clef Design: Thoughts on the Formalization of Program Construction

    • Klaas van Schelven
  32. Partial Inlining using Local Graph Rewriting

    • Irène Durand
    • Robert Strandh
  33. Patio Break

  34. Lightning Talks

  35. Common Lisp Foundation Overview & Brainstorming for Content and Fundraisers

  36. Birds of a Feather Gatherings, Farewells, Impromptu Dinner Plans for those staying in Marbella


You can find the proceedings in PDF form here:


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